It is simply not economical to keep an equipment idle without refueling for any length of time. A mobile diesel dispenser can reach your equipment, wherever it may be located – whether on uneven roads or deep pits or in difficult terrain, far away from Petrol Pumps.

A Mobile Diesel Dispenser is a dispensing unit, designed and fabricated to supply diesel to working areas where diesel dispensing stations are not available. "LUMEN" - Mobile Diesel Dispenser eliminates unsafe and messy barrel refueling and distribution fueling operation, protects against theft and pilferage of diesel.

At Lumen Instruments, we have an in-house manufacturing unit with high-tech and advanced machinery backed by a skilled and an efficient manufacturing team for the finest products with world-class quality products. Lumen Instruments' uncompromising stance on quality and economy, which is backed by a robust service staff, has earned us to support and loyalty of numerous customers.

We manufacture most advanced Diesel Dispenser in the market. "LUMEN" Mobile Diesel Dispensers are offered with standard high-quality products in the dispensing unit having an accuracy of +/-0.2%, thus ensuring optimum utilization of fuel.

"LUMEN " – Mobile Diesel dispensers bring out multiple benefits:

  • Optimum Use of resources i.e. helps conserve fuel and maintain accurate accountancies of fuel delivered to different types of equipment.
  • Maximization of Performance, by transporting fuel from storage to the place of consumption, and also from one site to another, thus minimizing wastage of time.
  • Flexibility, i.e. by having small capacity storage movable tankers to fuel the equipment which are unable to march till the storage unit.

Mobile Diesel Dispenser Receipt Printer
Mobile Diesel Dispenser With Receipt Printer
Mobile Diesel Dispenser
Preset Mobile Diesel Dispenser
mobile diesel dispenser
Hose Reel Mobile Dispenser
Client Installation
Client Installation