Mobile Diesel Dispenser Receipt Printer

LUMEN Diesel Dispenser System is an independent, demountable fuel administering unit which has been intended to address the issues of fuel wholesalers who's clients require low volume "Metered" conveyances of fuel into plant hardware, building locales, generators, watercrafts, greenhouses and different destinations which may have troublesome access and where it may not be financially savvy or functional to send a customary fuel conveyance tanker.

The minimal unit includes a pump, meter, and hose reel which, when required, can rapidly be mounted in the back of a van, get or drop side truck together with a little demountable tank and conveyed for conveyance. The system comprises of 60 Lpm Pump which offers a flow rate of 60 Litres/Min. Also, this pump can be changed according to the requirement of customers.

Diesel is dispensed through 4m x 25mm conveyance hose which ends with a 1" administering spout which can be stowed conveniently.  LUMEN  Diesel Dispenser can be built to meet with client's particular prerequisites and can be arranged for administering a scope of fluid fuels, lubes and all other non-destructive oil fluids.

ACHIEVERS are worldwide pump supply accomplices. With years of involvement in apportioning pumps and fuel administration, we work just with the best pump and framework manufacturers to convey the best answers for our clients. With industry-first creative innovation, our fuel administration and checking arrangements add esteem each day to organizations over the world.

With advertise driving features, for example, high precision with weights and measures, endorsed administering frameworks, rough stainless steel cupboards – the Pumptronics pump is the main decision for clients. 

Diesel Dispenser adopts advanced computer technology, security, and dedicated control processor, with high accuracy flow meter. It has advantages of high
accuracy, abundant function, high reliability, easy to operate and maintain. These diesel dispensers are rigorously checked on various quality assurance parameters, in order to ensure a defect free range. Owing to their robust design and longer functional life, these diesel dispensers are highly demanded. Diesel Dispenser is designed with the same facility of the Diesel dispenser flow meter, suitable for truck, fuel station, farm, and factory to fill or dispense diesel fuel for cars or machines.

Features of diesel dispenser : 
 High Accuracy
 Ambient Noise
 Receipt Printer Available
 Storage of Daily Data of Last 365 Days and Monthly Data for Last 12 Months.
 Automatic Shutoff Fuel Nozzle
 Comes With 4m Rubber Hose
 Available In DC and AC Power Supply

Technical Details:
 Flow Range: 20-80L/min
 Accuracy: The max error of dispenser volume is less than ±0.30%, its repeatability error is less than 0.15%.
 Noise Standard: ≤80dB(A Class)
 Unit Price Range: 0.01-999.99
 Volume Range: 0.01-999999.99
 Amount Range: 0.01-9999999999.99
 Environment condition:1)Humidity:-30℃~+45℃
                                                   2)Relative humidity:≤95%
 The max working pressure: ≤0.3MPa
 Memory capacity: ≥128kB
 Power Options: DC12V, DC24V, AC220V, AC380V

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