LUMEN INSTRUMENTS is the leading oil flow meter suppliers in India. We are the well-known manufacturer of oil flow sensors.

LUMEN Oil Flow Meters

LUMEN Oil Flow Meters is one of the longest established positive displacement (PD) flow metering technologies; its high accuracy & wide operating range makes oval gear meters a very popular choice for dependable flow measurement.

What are Oil Flow Meters & How do they work?

LUMEN Oil Flow Meters are displacement-type volume meters that transport defined incremental volumes in individual measuring chambers. The measuring element consists of two high-precision toothed oval gears, which are driven by the flow of the oil and mesh with each other. In this way, a defined volume is transported for each rotation of the pair of oval gears. The number of rotations is a measure of the amount of oil that has passed through the meter. The rotations are detected by a sensor element.

They work by two oval gears meshing with each other but turning in different directions. This creates four different ‘measuring cavities’ in which volume is measured as liquid enters & leaves the chamber. The oval gear design & the tight tolerance of the meters manufacture provides a smooth & repeatable action.

Applications of Oil Flow Meters

LUMEN Oil Flow Meters can be used in both high & low flow applications ranging from several thousand litres, to just a few millilitres per minute. They are also suitable for use in applications in which the flow rate may vary. Unlike many other meter technologies, LUMEN Oil Flow Meters are virtually immune to change in liquid viscosity. With this in mind they can be used applications where flow, pressure, & temperature may vary throughout the process. In keeping with other PD meter technologies, LUMEN Oil Flow Meters are suitable for use with “clean” liquids only.


  • Positive displacement meter for volumetric ow rate or total ow measurement
  • Applicable for uids such as lubrication oils, mineral oils, hydraulic oils, furnace oils.
  • No inlet or outlet section required
  • High-quality construction for long service life and high reliability
  • Long-term stability
  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy installation

Also Known As :  Mineral Oil Flow Meter, Vegetable Cooking Oil Flow Meter, Digital Oil Flow Meters, Flange Type Oil Flow Meter, 4” Inch Oil Flow Meter, Furnace Oil Flow Meters,  Hydraulic Oil Flow Meter, Lubrication Flow Meter, Heating oil flow meter

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